Rental Remediation Systems


SVE System Rentals

- All systems can be customized to fit your particular projects. These skid-mounted systems come standard with control panel, Your choice of available blowers, 30-gallon Knockout Pot, Fresh air dilution valve, and option of loaded carbon vessel (if Needed)

- If we have not listed a motor or blower to fit your particular needs please give us a call as our inventory is constantly being updated. 

SVE Regenerative Blower Options (Three-Phase):

* Rotron EN858BA72WL

480 Volt

Variable Frequency Drive Equipped 

Max Flow - 380 SCFM

Max Vacuum - 95 in. H2O

Max Pressure - 120 in. H2O

SVE Regenerative Blower Option (Single-Phase):

* GAST RegenAir R6P155Q-50 

280/235 Volt

Max Vacuum - 85 in. H2O

Max Pressure - 95 in. H2O

SVE Rotary Lobe Blower Option (Three Phase)

Roots URAI-59 Blower

20 HP 480 Volt Motor

 Max Flow - 857 CFM

Max Pressure - 7 psi

Max Vacuum - 15" Hg

2" or 4" Inlet with filter

4" Outlet (can be used with carbon scrubbing if required)

Carbon Vessel Rentals

Carbon Vessel Sizes:

- 1,000# vessels

- 2,000# vessels

Air Sparge System Rentals


Air Sparge Option (Three Phase)

Rietschle-Thomas Compressor

4 HP Motor at 480 Volt

Max Pressure - 21.5 psi

Max Flow - 41 cfm

Output is 1" Male Camlock